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    EDS' office is located in Nogales, Arizona in a custom built 84,000 square foot facility located just one mile from the Mexican border. This office is home to administration, shipping, receiving, accounting, purchasing, finance, and customs. This facility is the materials "link" between EDS vendors and the shipment of finished goods to EDS customers. All materials are ordered, received, and staged at this facility.

    EDS' manufacturing partner is located 48 miles south of the border in Magdalena, Sonora Mexico. The Magdalena facility offers complete services in: manufacturing, engineering, production control, inventory control, quality assurance and customer service.

    Manufacturing facility employees number 1,900 people working in over 135,000 square feet of floor space. With its close proximity to rail and common carriers, Magdalena is ideally suited for efficient and rapid assembly and delivery.


EDS headquarters and the EDS manufacturing  plant are in very close proximity
EDS' office and the assembly plant are in very close proximity
EDS headquarters are located on the border in Nogales, Arizona
EDS' office is located on the border in Nogales, Arizona
EDS Manufacturing plant Magdalena, Sonora
Assembly plant in Magdalena, Sonora, Mexico
Plaza Monumental de Magdalena
Plaza Monumental de Magdalena houses the remains of Father Kino, founder of Magdalena
       Magdalena is a quiet agricultural community founded in 1663. The greater Magdalena area has a population of 55,000 people, of which 51% are between the ages of 17 and 30 years old, thus providing an exceptional labor pool with low turnover. Educational facilities located in Magdalena include ten elementary schools, three secondary schools, three commercial schools, two high schools and two universities. There are also three hospitals. City and state governments, as well as private local enterprises and professional associations respond to the operation's needs with ongoing support and cooperation.  
El Palacio Municipal de Magdalena
El Palacio Municipal de Magdalena served as a state government palace during the summer months due to extreme tempatures in Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora
Iglesia de Santa Maria  Magdalena
The Iglesia de Santa Maria Magdalena built in the early 19th century
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